Holy wobbly walking conundrums Batman!

This week has been an extremely odd one.

Someone very close to me is under an almost unimaginable amount of stress, and there’s absolutely nothing that I can do about it. The first part of the week was spent being pretty much numb, having found out about said stress, and the source of it.

Once I’d started to feel again, a cold hit. You know, that infinitesimal difference in the way your nose feels, or the tiniest itch in the back of the throat that you might almost miss but which heralds that sagging of spirit as you realise exactly what is about to descend on you.

In fact, I had no idea what was about to descend on me.

Monday night I took my Vitamin C and zinc, I used First Defence spray.

Tuesday night I was a teensy bit sniffly, but that was it.

Wednesday – nothing.

Thursday – sniffles in the morning.

Thursday afternoon….BANG. The echo of sinuses clanging shut could be heard from afar. How I managed to sit through a technical meeting I do not know, but I did. I left work late as I had a lot to do, and more or less crawled home, feeling extremely grateful that I had Friday off. Thank goodness I did have Friday off.

My throat was so full of aches that I couldn’t swallow. Not the usual burning rasp that screams for ice cream and jelly, no. This was a full on, deep seated throb that prevented me from swallowing the painkillers that I knew I had to get down me. The irony of needing to swallow soluble aspirin because of tonsil pain, when you can’t swallow, so need to take soluble aspirin is not lost on me. I rejoiced when I found a nearly full packet of AsproClear in the cupboard. Added a dash of blackcurrant squash, and there we were.

Fast forward to 2am.

I am in my dressing gown – essentially a large purple velvet marquee that has persuaded itself into the shape of a dressing gown – sat in my armchair, wrapped in a furry blanket because I couldn’t sleep at all due to my sinuses still being a  closed off area. Even after liberal application of all the painkillers I have (carefully mixed, never fear) my throat still refuses to acknowledge this it is a passageway, and has put up a CLOSED sign.

And there I stayed for most of Friday, and all of Saturday apart from the bit where I went to bed because I was so cold, and passed out for 4 hours. After that, it was the armchair and the blanket again. I didn’t dare go up to my own bed, as the amount of fidgeting, and getting up and down, and nose blowing would have just woken my poor husband up, and that’s not fair.

Saturday night I experienced the joy of what seems to have been a 24 hour eye infection, and woke early on Sunday morning with my left eye glued shut.

I think it was at this point that I just gave in and cried.

The ridiculous thing is, I have a chronic illness. I was diagnosed with MS back in 1996, and so I am used to various bits of my body not working, or working in an entirely unpredictable manner, or being stabbed by random aches and pains and grumbles because my electric signals got lost around Mornington Crescent so the rest of me ended up in Nid for a few days.

I should be completely used to this malfunctioning palaver, and the fatigue. It’s what I do.

But I’m not used to it. I haven’t had a cold, if that’s what it is, this bad in a decade. Usually I get a light cold, but then the MS kicks off and starts pushing and shoving, spoiling for a particularly uncoordinated fight.

The MS tried to make an effort, with a few numb patches of skin here and there, but then I have a feeling that it ran away when it saw what was looming.

I have made an executive decision not to go to work tomorrow. I know I’ve lots to do but I have no idea if I’ll sleep tonight. I think I’ve had about 10 hours since Thursday. Plus The Cough has started. An irritating, dry, catches you when you try to breathe thing that I didn’t invite in, but which has taken up a noisy residence on my chest.

After an extremely long, very hot shower this afternoon, I did feel vaguely more human. The sinuses have relented a tad, the eye has more or less cleared up, and I think my tonsils are in retreat. At the very least they have agreed to parlay so long as I douse them with rum cough medicine every few hours.

Ooh, rum. There’s an idea. Honey and lemon with added spiced rum might be allowed. Or there’s some of that apricot brandy left over from Christmas. I could do with a few Cypriot lemons right now…

IMG_3713 copy



5 thoughts on “Holy wobbly walking conundrums Batman!

  1. This was the first year in 5 years I got sick! I eat super clean for the past 5 years BUT I was just diagnosed with MS a couple of weeks ago so when my hubs got the flu…guess what…uhg! I usually take pain well but to hurt so bad and to be flu sick…I almost couldn’t take it! But with juicing and zicam I kicked it in 3 days!!!! except for day 4 and 5 where I rolled around on the floor exhausted and unable to think…but I didn’t have the flu and longer…just the MS…sigh…

    • Hello! Welcome.

      That’s very recent for you – how are you handling it? I know after my diagnosis I stayed in the bath for 2 days, not wanting to talk to anyone, then just got up and carried on as normal. (Though I did have to have Words with a couple of friends who kept looking at me like I was going to die at any minute.)

      • I’m all over the place with it…relieved to know I’m not crazy and I was right this entire (11+years) time, but now I’m having fits of crying but that seems to be the norm for us MS’ers (had them before the diagnosis). Every time something comes up I’m like is that MS or just…
        I’m handling it but my hubs isn’t very well and my disability (out for back problems and MS problems, even though I hadn’t been diagnosed yet I was out for the symptoms). They seem to think MS is nothing so they dropped me. Going back to work is a no go for me. Any little thing I try my body screams (either my back, neck or MS crap) so not sure what I’m going to do. This is all new to me so I’m looking up stuff. Yeah, the exercise stuff that the websites and my doc says to do…I do 1 day of them and I’m down for 4 soooooooo….not sure what’s going to happen there but I need to move more and do more and throw myself out of my pity party and never let myself back in. Thanks for asking…2 days…really? you are a strong person and kudos to you! Thanks for reading my blog…I’m sure more is to come…signing off…The mad MS’er!

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