A new blog platform, a different subject.

I have another blog, Cookwitch Creations, over at Blogger. That is mainly about food and cooking, my two main obsessions, and I want to keep that blog to those topics, and related subjects.

I do have another obsession, and that is Body Positivity. I do not condone body shaming, whether it be of the “Damn girl eat some pies.” variety, or the “Do you really think you need to eat that?” kind.

The answer to both is “None of your damned business.”

But people seem to think it is their business. They also seem to care so much about what other people’s bodies look like, that they feel driven to comment out loud, or sometimes just to you, in a private conversation.

What I eat, and what other people eat, is nothing to do with anybody except the person doing the eating.

Unless I am eating chips off your knee, or putting cream cheese on your nipples, then what I do with my food is of no concern to anyone else. The only person it concerns is me, or perhaps the person I am cooking for.

Judgements on my food, and whether I ‘need’ to eat it or not are usually met with a less than positive response. The last time someone commented, I was enjoying my first currant bun after having lost 4 stone. Did I need to eat it? No. Was I going to? Hell yes.

On one occasion a lady told me in the supermarket that I shouldn’t be looking at cake. Not eating, LOOKING.

The mind boggles at how ill-mannered these people apparently are. It makes me want to go and eat cake.